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A Clear View of today's financial industry


a very transparent introduction

Citypark Financial is a local Sarasota, independently owned, financial advisory firm.  We do not answer to corporate management, structures, strictures, shareholders profit motives or bonus targets. 

We answer to you!


We believe financial advice should be more than big company sales staff offering financial products that they have a financial interest in selling to you.  Financial advice should be about building relationships.   Our network of financial experts includes Investment Research and Analysis, Financial Planning, Institutional Compliance and Quality Control.  Our job is to work closely with you to ensure your needs are being served.  We seek to provide our clients with the opportunity to become part of a family-style community.

We put the interests of our clients first and fully disclose associated costs and potential conflicts of interest.  In our opinion, this is a higher standard of care than the "Brokerage Suitability" standard that most large company brokers still follow.  Our hope is that clients and regulators continue to embrace the fiduciary standard as a way to uncover and prevent many of the practices which led to the credit crisis, recession, budget deficit and Wall Street Protests.

We appreciate and respect how hard you've worked and saved throughout your life.  With that in mind, we take our role as your financial advisor of your pre- and post-retirement goals very seriously.

we seek to understand your financial needs



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