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institutional-level investment management

Institutional money management is not just for the ultra-wealthy elite and large institutional investors.  You've worked hard and earned the right ti enjoy similarly sophisticated and transparent asset management services that larger investors have benefited from for decades.

In our opinion, the key to consistent investment returns and volatility reduction is Asset Allocation - a focus on dynamically selecting the most attractive areas to invest in while avoiding the riskiest, taking into account the ever-changing economic and investment environment.

Our investment philosophy is a positive hands-on, diversified and flexible approach to seeking risk-adjusted asset classes with the potential for principle growth or consistent income.  In other words, "buy and hold" may not be right for all markets and all investors.

We prioritize capital preservation while seeking to participate in market opportunities

across a wide range of asset classes and geographical regions.

Decisions are screened through our Investment Committee with the aim of incorporating an element of risk reduction, quality control and value investing within a disciplined investment and analysis process.

We are privileged to advise those who demand a high degree of accountability and due diligence. 

Citypark Financial aims to bring institutional-level asset management to your kitchen table.

With our use of

  • External auditors to verify our performance reporting

  • Independent third-parties who validate that all our daily transactions reconcile with the actual account holdings

  • Account custodians who ensure we handle all client accounts in compliance with financial regulations

we are able to provide enhanced peace of mind for our investors.

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